Feelings Need Felt and not Fixed


Abby Norman

I am feeling my feelings. This may seem like an obvious choice, what else would I do with my feelings? Well, as it turns out I was doing a lot of things with my feelings.

  • Eating them
  • Avoiding them
  • Yelling about things that were not the feelings I was not feeling
  • Making decisions so that I could avoid them
  • Talking about things that were not my feelings
  • Crying about minor inconveniences
  • Watching a lot of episodes of Gilmore Girls in a row

Not all the time. I am, generally speaking, a fully functioning adult. This list is a little embarrassing just laid out like that. (Look at me! Feeling the feelings.) But I noticed that a lot of my energy was going to going around, over, under, when the best option was through. This doesn’t mean I think all my feelings are totally valid or even great. It just means…

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